3 Signs That Your Washing Machine Is In Need Of Professional Repair

Many people find it to be extremely important to have a working washing machine in their home, as they could not imagine spending a ton of time, money, and energy at a local public laundromat. If this is the case for you, you will want to make sure that you are taking a few moments to review the following signs that may indicate that your washing machine is in need of professional repairs.

You Are Finding Water On The Floor

If you are finding any amount of water on the floor, but there does not appear to be any dampness on the top of the machine itself, then you most likely have a leak in the back of the machine where the hoses connect. The first thing you will want to do is to try to tighten some of those hoses. There is a chance that the excessive vibration of the washing machine caused some connections to start to wiggle free. If you have tightened those hoses all that you can, you might need to call in an appliance repair technician who can look further into the problem. You might need a hose replaced. There could be a connection piece that has rusted and needs to be changed out. Then again, it could be something inside of the machine going wrong and causing the water to leak out from the back or the bottom of it.

Your Clothes Are Soaking Wet

Sure, the washing machine is supposed to make your clothes wet. However, if the machine is doing its job correctly, you should find that once it is done with the spin cycle, the clothes are only very damp and not soaking wet. You should not be able to wring out your clothing and have water pour onto the floor. If you should find that there is a ton of water left in everything you wash, you need to call an appliance repair technician as soon as possible. Simply throwing such overly wet clothes into your dryer is not going to work out too well. The excessive amount of time that it would take to properly dry your clothes will not only put a lot of strain on the dryer, but on the clothing itself.

It Always Seems To Be Off Balance

Unevenly distributing clothing in the washing machine will cause the internal tub to become unbalanced. You will notice this when it try to spin, as the whole machine might shake and make a terrible banging sound. This puts a lot of stress on the machine and can cause the internal parts to break down a lot sooner than normal. This is usually a problem that is corrected by simply evenly distributing your clothing. However, if even upon doing so, you are still hearing the same banging noises and seeing the same shaking of the machine every time you wash clothes, it is not a balancing problem. It may actually be that the tub itself is coming loose and needs to be tightened again. An appliance repair technician will be able to do that for you without tightening it too much to the point that it will not spin and shake properly.

With those three signs in mind, you should have no problem figuring out when it is time to call in an appliance repair technician, such as Appliance Tech Repair LLC by Frank Lecato.

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