Waiting On A Fridge Repair Person? Here Are Three Steps To Perform

A refrigerator breakdown can leave you scrambling as you attempt to salvage your food and avoid it getting spoiled. Even if you're busy tending to this situation, take a few minutes to call a licensed refrigerator repair person and get a home visit scheduled. Hiring the right person for the job can ensure the nature of your fridge's problem is diagnosed quickly and repaired soon thereafter. Typically, you'll have to wait a couple days for the repair person to obtain the right parts for the repair. In this time, you can perform a simple series of tasks that will reduce the length of the fridge repair person's visit and could save you money. 

Empty Out Everything

While you'll likely rush to empty perishable items from your fridge the moment you realize something is wrong, you might be tempted to leave non-perishable items -- fruit, bread and some bottled items -- inside the fridge. Make the repair person's visit quicker by removing everything before he or she arrives at your home. To access the rear of the appliance and conduct a thorough diagnostic exam, the repair person will need to empty the fridge. By you taking the time to get the job done first, the repair person will have a quicker -- and less expensive -- visit to your home. 

Unplug The Fridge

There's no point in letting your fridge run while it's empty, as doing so will only increase your hydro bill unnecessarily. Further, letting a fridge in need of repairs continue to run can be detrimental to the fridge's health. For example, if the appliance's thermostat needs to be replaced, the fridge's fan and condenser motor will continue to run in a futile effort to cool the inside of the fridge. Given that these parts are designed to run only intermittently, running constantly puts them at risk of burning out and leading to a bigger problem for you.

Defrost The Freezer

Unplugging the fridge will begin the process of melting the frost that has accumulated in the freezer. This phase is valuable, given that the fridge repair person might otherwise have to defrost the appliance him or herself before working on it. Don't be daunted with this step -- simply gather a number of thick towels and place them at the bottom of the freezer section to soak up the melted frost. Check the towels intermittently and wring them out or replace them as needed.  

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