Run An Appliance Service? Here's How To Save On Appliance Repair Parts

If you run an appliance service and fix people's appliances for a living -- or if you fix up used appliances and sell them for a profit -- then you probably go through a lot of appliance parts. One thing that you've probably noticed is that these parts can be surprisingly expensive, which can obviously cut into the profits for your business. Luckily, there are ways that you can save money on your appliance parts, which will allow you to keep more of your profits in your pocket while still fixing up appliances for all of your customers.

Save Parts Off of Old Appliances

You probably come in contact with appliances that aren't any good anymore, but this doesn't mean that you should scrap them completely. Instead, take them apart, and keep any parts that might be useful. In fact, you can even offer a service to pick up used appliances that don't work and that aren't wanted anymore; then, you can keep the parts and use them in your future repairs.

Buy Refurbished or Used Parts

Along with acquiring used parts in more traditional ways, you should know that you can also buy used parts for many appliances. Check out any store that sells appliance parts, and ask about the used and refurbished options. In many cases, refurbished appliance parts are the way to go. They are usually guaranteed to work and come with some sort of warranty, so you don't have to worry about the fears that you might usually experience when buying used parts. Plus, they are typically nice and clean and ready to be installed and used.

Buy in Bulk

There are probably some parts that you use all the time on all different makes and models of appliances. For example, things like switches, burners and other similar and common parts can all be used on many different appliances. One good way to save money on these essential appliance parts -- and ensure that you always have plenty on hand for all of your repair jobs -- is to buy them in bulk. It is best to contact an appliance store about this; just make sure that you ask for a bulk discount. In some cases, these discounts aren't advertised but will be provided if you buy a certain amount, so don't hesitate to mention it.

As someone in the appliance repair industry, it's probably important to you to get your parts at the best prices. Luckily, following these tips can help. You can also talk to other repair shops, like Prompt Appliance Services, Inc., to ask about any tips they have for acquiring replacement parts at a cheaper price.

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