Three Things You Should Know About Tipping For Appliance Repair

If you're standing in your kitchen or laundry room and are watching the appliance repair person begin to pack up as you fret about whether you should be tipping for his or her work or not, you're not alone. Many homeowners struggle with the idea of whether or not they should tip their repair people. While it's true that tipping for an appliance repair doesn't have the same solid rules as tipping your restaurant server or hotel housekeeper, there are a handful of rules that are beneficial to keep in mind. By familiarizing yourself with these three points, you'll no longer have to worry about the tipping process.

Confirm Any Tipping Rules Before The Visit

If you've booked an appliance repair person from a company such as Anderson's Appliance Repair Service and are starting to worry about what to do regarding a tip, it's best to tackle this question head-on. When you're on the phone with the repair service, simply ask if the business has a policy concerning tipping its employees who make house calls. Each repair service has a different approach to this topic; some request that their customers abstain from tipping, while others suggest that tipping is not expected but is appreciated if the customer is pleased with the repair work. Knowing this information before the repair person's visit allows you to develop a tipping strategy.

Tip For Above-And-Beyond Service

Many homeowners choose not to tip the repair people that visit their homes. As such, the person who fixes your appliance probably won't be expecting a tip – and won't be offended if you simply pay the bill and express your thanks verbally. However, it's generally a good idea to tip if you feel the person went above and beyond the call of duty. Where appliance repairs are concerned, this could mean a few different things. Perhaps the repair person called in a favor to get you an expensive part at a cheap rate or maybe he or she billed you for less time than the actual length of the visit. If you feel that tipping is appropriate, give what you can. Because tipping is inconsistent in this industry, it's likely that the repair person will appreciate whatever you choose to give.

Follow Up

Whether or not you've decided to tip, it's ideal to follow up with the repair person's boss in the days after the job was completed. Send an email or call the company, ask to speak to a supervisor and express your gratitude for the repair person's work and professionalism. Use specific examples to cement your statement and keep in mind that this follow-up might help the repair person during a future performance evaluation.

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